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Other Side Marketing is an Austin, TX based web design and internet marketing company. We specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses establish a unique, and highly professional, web presence.

We have a four person staff with a good deal of experience under our belt. Our graphic designer can handle all of your web design, user experience, and Flash development needs. She has a degree in marketing and has worked on multiple web-related projects as the lead visual artist. She is also experienced in a variety of Flash related implementations; just in case the site needs a bit of extra zing!

For web development, we have a dedicated developer who does all of our coding. He maintains strict coding standards and does everything by hand. This means that we don’t use Dreamweaver, or other “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” development tools, which can add too much unnecessary “fat” to the code. This results in much faster load times for you and your clients.

To wrap things up, we also offer search engine optimization (SEO) services. We stay up-to-date in the fast moving world of search engine optimization and can insure that your website will be in a position to rank much higher after we are done with it.

For most of our clients, we try and stick to a process that we have developed over the years. This allows us to stay on track, and make sure that we have covered all of your questions and concerns along the way.

The first stage is the planning stage. This is where we agree on the scope of the project, which would include; number of pages, unique functionality required, content writing, Flash integration, Word Press integration, etc. During this stage there will be a lot of back and forth between us to make sure that we understand exactly what you want for your website.

After that, we move into the approval stage. This is when we will send you the initial quote, detailing all of the work to be performed by Other Side Marketing as agreed upon during the planning stage. At this point the scope of the project should be fairly solid, and you should know what you are getting from a content, structure, and functionality perspective. After review of the quote, we will ask for a signed copy and the initial portion of the cost up front.

Now that the planning and paperwork are out of the way, we can move on to something much more interesting: the design stage. At this stage we begin generating a design concept based on information received during the planning stage. After the basic design is approved we will take the finalized content and start applying the design across multiple pages. We will send you a JPG of each page for your approval before we actually start building them out on the web with code. We ask that all content and layout issues are finalized at this point. It can increase costs if changes are requested after the design stage has ended and we have moved on to the development stage.

The development stage is the final step in the process. The website will be created and constantly updated on a sub-domain of this website. This allows you to “peak under the hood” at all times so you can check in on the progress in real-time. However, expect to see a few bugs and slightly slower load times at first. We like to make the process as transparent as possible. This stage will be longer, or shorter, depending on the size of the project. Our current average, from planning to the completion of development, is 35 days.

From here, we do a final round of testing, search engine optimization, and compatibility checks. After the final payment, we move your website to the domain of your choice and make sure that everything is working appropriately.

Even after the project is finished, we are always just a quick phone call away. Most of our customers have come back to us once they are ready to expand, or if they need to adapt their website in some way.

The most important issue is usually your budget, and we definitely want to keep that in mind. If you are working with constrained funds, let us know and we can work towards your goals.

We have no hidden fees and send you a quote for the work up front, after we have discussed the scope of the project in-depth. We will not deviate from our quoted price unless there are changes made to the cope of the project along the way. There are no monthly fees, and you completely own the rights to the website and all content therein.

Generally we charge around $2,500 for a basic 4-8 page website, without any advanced functionality.

For a more accurate estimate of costs associated with your specific project, please contact us today!